Hand Sewing Class Plan

Hand Sewing

Please note that there are 5 different hand sewing techniques in this book and each one can be taught as a stand-alone class. They are:

  • English paper piecing (EPP)

  • Hand applique

  • Wool hand applique

  • Hand piecing

  • Hand quilting


Bountiful Blooms — Needleturn Hand Applique


From Hand Sewing by Becky Goldsmith


Provide to students:

  • The center medallion pattern is in the book (page 81) and must be printed on 4 pages, trimmed, and taped together. Student will appreciate it if you make a master pattern and copy it onto larger paper for them to use in class.

  • 1 copy of page 81 per student and 1 self-adhesive laminating sheet (packages available online or at an office supply store) to make templates


Class Description
Hand sewing is calming—and you will enjoy a deep sense of satisfaction as you use your hands to make something beautiful from fabric. 


This needleturn applique class is suitable for all skill levels. You will learn the Piece O’ Cake way to make easy and accurate templates, how to make and use a placement overlay, how to make lovely invisible stitches, and sew much more!


You will practice your skills on the 16” x 16”  center medallion block. Use your block in the larger quilt, as a stand-alone wall quilt, pillow, or with other blocks.


Class Length
Plan a class that suits your own situation. The more skills you teach, the longer the class needs to be. There are detailed applique instructions in the book on pages 54-69.


Teach this as a full day class or break it into smaller classes that cover the following:

  • Templates

  • Placement overlay

  • Teach all or some needleturn applique sewing techniques that include: 

  • Finger pressing

  • The invisible stitch

  • Outer points

  • Outer curves

  • Inner points

  • Cutaway applique.


Class Supply List

Students will bring notions from home but do show those that you recommend in class and have them available for sale. Quilters love to shop!


The notions I use and recommend can be found at pieceocake.com and are available from Checker, United, and Brewer. 


Stock Quilter’s Vinyl on the bolt or in the package for placement overlays.


Book: Hand Sewing by Becky Goldsmith



  • One 18” x 18” square of background fabric

  • A variety of large scraps for the flowers, stems, leaves, and baskets

  • TIP: Provide a ‘scrap basket’ of fabrics for students to pull from, charging a per piece, per bag, or per pound price.


  • 16” x 16” square of clear Quilter’s Vinyl

  • Hand applique needles: #12 sharp/applique needles

  • Thread: I recommend 50/2 cotton thread. Masterpiece Super Bob sets from Superior are an excellent choice.

  • Fabric scissor

  • Paper scissor

  • Small sewing scissor

  • A Sandboard

  • White pencil

  • Graphite pencil

  • A pencil sharpener (depending on the pencils you use)

  • A portable light is helpful


Classroom Preparation

Table space, 36” or more.

A chair.

Access to electricity to plug in a lamp (optional).

1-3 ironing stations to press wrinkled fabric and backgrounds.


Class Agenda

Make templates (page 55).

Make placement overlay (page 56).

Prepare background—press and mark (page 57).

Optional: color and design (page 58).

Trace and cut shape #1 (pages 24 and 59).

Finger press—this is a very important step (page 59).

Pin (page 60).

Thread (page 61) and knotting thread (21 and 22).

Teach the invisible applique stitch (pages 62-63).

Outer points (page 64-65).

Outer curves and circles (page 66).

Inner points (67-68).

Cutaway applique (69).