Hand Quilting with Alex Anderson Class Plan

by Alex Anderson

In talking to thousands of quilters, I found that many want to hand quilt, but have not achieved or perfected the quilting stitch, leaving them unable to enjoy the process of hand quilting. It is important that we, as teachers and store owners, introduce the proper techniques of hand quilting to each new generation of quiltmakers. It is through basic skill development that we create excellence in future quilters. With clear instructions and detailed photography, the simple pleasure of hand quilting is emphasized throughout this book. Hand Quilting with Alex Anderson provides concise instructions in a friendly format introducing the art of traditional hand quilting. In addition to the book, a supplemental class provides the perfect forum to give hands-on instruction while offering your own personal tricks and tips. This is guaranteed to be a fun and informative class.

Learn the tricks of the trade to successful hand quilting. All aspects of hand quilting will be covered; everything from batting to how to build your own frame. In this three-hour class students will start quilting a white-on-white feathered-wreath pillow and get personal instruction to perfect the stitch.

Recommended class size: 10


Student provides:
·   Required text: Hand Quilting with Alex Anderson
·   14" or 16" quilting hoop
·   Thimble
·   Silver Verithin pencil
·   White quilting thread
·   Assorted size package of "betweens" needles
·   Sewing scissors

Teacher provides kit containing:
·   Two 18" squares of white 100% cotton fabric (use the best!)
·   One 18" square of low-loft polyester batting
·   Pattern (pre-copied from the book)

Have available for purchase:
·   Extra fabric for purchase (to complete the pillow)
·   14" pillow form

Introduction of students and teacher

First hour: Discussion of supplies, pages 4-8.
Second hour: Transferring and marking pillow top, pages 10, 22-23, 35.
Third hour: Hands-on quilting lesson, pages 13-20.