Fun with One Block Quilts Class Plan

by Cheryl Malkowski

Runaway Stars: Twisty Star Table Runner

Class description:
In this class you'll learn how to achieve perfect triangle points every time while you make a cheery table runner. This 'one block' quilt uses the versatile Y Block in 3 different colorations. You'll learn the 1-2-3's of color placement, stitching and pressing, with an efficient way to square them up, and even Clip & Flip pressing so every block plays nice with its neighbors. Since every quilt in Fun with One Block Quilts is made from the same simple block, once you've finished the table runner, you are ready for every other quilt in the book!

Approximate class time:
Students should be able to finish or nearly finish the top in 4 hours.

What each student will get:
A cheery table runner to give or keep for yourself!

Project supplies:

  • Required text: Fun with One Block Quilts by Cheryl Malkowski
  • 6 1/2" square ruler without ridges on the underside, like Omnigrip
  • Omnigrid Glo-Line Tape, or similar colored transparent tape
  • 12" ruler
  • Optional: for beginners, Collins Machine Seam Gauge & Adhesive Guide, or other 1/4" aids
  • Spray starch
  • Thread to match project, or neutral thread
  • Fabric for project as listed for the 38" x 14" Twisty Star Table Runner on page 16

Advance preparations:

  • Students would benefit from having 3 Y Block templates drawn on paper for them to glue or pin fabric samples to for the 3 different block colorations.
  • A step-by-step of the block would be nice, but having 2 squares of fabric 5 1/2" x 5 1/2" in 2 different colors, and 1 square 5" x 5" in a 3rd color will be enough to demonstrate this simple block.
  • Have students starch their fabrics before coming to class, especially beginners.

During the class:

  1. Following the instructions in Fun With One Block Quilts, pages 7-9, demonstrate how to make Y Blocks.
  2. Demonstrate Clip & Flip pressing.
  3. Help students keep organized with notes or baggies for different blocks.
  4. Assemble quilt top and add borders.