Four Seasons in Flannel Class Plan

by Jean Wells & Lawry Thorn

Notes to Teachers & Shop Owners
The projects in Four Seasons in Flannel feature mountain, lodge, and nature themes and showcase the changing seasons over the course of a year. These projects range from beginner to intermediate skill levels. Many of the designs, especially the wool-blend felt projects, would make perfect half-day workshops or in-store demos, and all can easily be made into kits.

Be prepared to offer general instructions for working with flannel and/or wool-blend felt (pages 8-9), as appropriate for the project you choose. You will also need to demonstrate the basic embroidery stitches (pages 11-13).

  • The Appliquéd Pillowcases (pages 66-67) are perfect for quick beginner classes, even for children.
  • We've had great success teaching the Autumn Crazy-Patch Quilt (pages 73-76). All of the blocks share the same pieces but they all look different. You will need to schedule at least two class sessions.
  • Lawry designed Piney Woods (pages 104-107) as a mystery class. You will need a full day to teach it as a mystery or two days as a regular workshop.
  • Pine Star (pages 34-37) features large, 16" blocks. The quilt is simple to make and grows quickly. Demonstrate each of the blocks in a full-day class and let students finish at home. It would also work well as a two-day class.
  • The Lakeside Quilt (pages 47-54) is the most complicated design in the book but really isn't difficult. It's an opportunity to teach several new skills to beginning/intermediate-level quilters.

    We offer a sample lesson plan below for teaching the Lakeside Quilt. The lesson plan can be adapted to work with any of the projects in the book.

    Lakeside Quilt: Appropriate for beginner-plus skill level. Three 3-hour sessions.
    Clear, vibrant colors bring pieced, embroidered, and buttonhole-stitched blocks to life on this fun, outdoorsy quilt. It's large enough to fit a twin bed generously, yet cozy enough to wrap yourself in while you stargaze.


    • Required Text: Four Seasons in Flannel by Jean Wells & Lawry Thorn
    • Sewing machine in good working order
    • Standard sewing supplies + embroidery supplies
    • Rotary cutter, mat, and ruler
    • Materials as listed on page 48 of Four Seasons in Flannel


    Class 1: Discuss working with flannel and go over the basics on pages 8-9. Remind students that they will probably want to wash the flannel before cutting into it. Talk about choosing fabric and help students select theirs, if needed. Demonstrate rotary cutting, piecing blocks, and embroidery stitches. Students can get started cutting fabric if they're ready. They can work on pieced blocks and embroidered blocks in class and at home.

    Class 2: Demonstrate fusible appliqué and buttonhole stitch. Students can work on their appliqué blocks during class and at home.

    Class 3: Finish blocks and start on assembly of quilt top. Talk about borders and help students choose border fabrics. Demonstrate machine quilting, if desired. Work with students as needed on finishing their blocks and completing the quilt top. Schedule a class reunion for showing off finished quilts later on!

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