Foolproof Art Quilting Class Plan

CLASS PLAN: Foolproof Art Quilting


From Foolproof Art Quilting by Katie Fowler

This is a class for all. Any skill level and any age will enjoy this process. Students will learn to use gel pens, markers, tempera paint, pigment sticks, textile paints, water-based products, and/or oil paint on fabric to create unique “paintings” that can be layered and stitched, added to an art quilt, or cut up for an interesting art quilt. This class will give you permission to play creatively and give you a perfect reminder of how to play creatively. 


Class Length

Class length is flexible. Use the seven lessons (pp 76-116) in the book to teach one day classes. Or choose one or two materials (pp 58-79) to teach for a one-day class.


Class Supply List (pp 38-48)

This class lends itself well to putting a kit together with fabric, pens, paints, etc. 

When I teach, I provide all the materials for student use and charge a fee. 

I provide good detail to all the materials in the book. (pp 38-48)


Classroom Preparation

If using tempera, textile paint, Inktense pencils or oil paint you should have a water source for brushes, etc. Depending on the classroom, tables should be covered and possibly the floor.


Class Agenda

  • Use Book to discuss:

Creativity (pp 9-18)

Color Theory (pp 19-33)

Composition and Design (pp 34-39)

  • Introduce tearing fabric and layering drop cloth (p 47)

  • Introduce composition maps (pp 47-54)

  • Introduce materials (pp 38-48)

Pens (pp 55-58)

Markers (pp 59-62)

Water-Based Paints (pp 63-65)

Tempera Crayons and Pigment Sticks (pp 66-68)

Oil Paint (pp 69-72)

Derwent Inktense and Stabilo Woody Pencils (pp 73-75)

  • There are seven “lessons” in the book which walk through projects using all materials. (pp 76-116)

  • Finishing Options (pp 117-131)