Fabric · Paper · Thread Class Plan

by Kristen Sutcliffe

Class Description
This class is for beginning stitchers ages 10-15. The students will start from the very basic skills of separating strands of embroidery thread and threading a needle. They will then learn a few basic embroidery stitches that they will stitch on felt to make several finished hair clips.

Class Length
This class will take approximately ninety minutes.

Class Supply List

  • Required text: Fabric Paper Thread by Kristen Sutcliffe
  • 3 - 5 colors of embroidery floss (Have students select their colors from your shop before the class begins.)
  • Embroidery needle
  • Thread scissors
  • Two small pieces of felt (at least 6'' square) for each student. This can be either inexpensive craft felt, or a higher quality wool felt. One piece can be used for practice stitches.
  • Blank snap clips, headbands, or other types of hair clips
  • Hole reinforcement stickers (from an office supply store)

Classroom Preparation
Students need only a chair and small, well-lit space at a table. Have 1 or 2 hot glue guns available for communal use.

Class Agenda

  1. Demonstrate how to cut a proper length of embroidery thread, separate strands, and thread a needle.
  2. Using Fabric Paper Thread as a reference, demonstrate the basic stitches needed to make two different designs of hairclips.
  3. Have students practice a few types of stitches.
  4. Students stitch as many hair clip designs as they have time for.
  5. Supervise students to use hot glue guns to complete the project. (Or have a teacher or assistant do the gluing for students.)