Emporia Rose Appliqué Quilts Class Plan

by Barbara Brackman and Karla Menaugh

Spice Pink Table Runner
Your Choice of Appliqué Technique

Class Description
Make a charming table runner that will dress up any table. Choose colors to match your décor or any season.
This small appliqué project is perfect for any skill level. Learn how to appliqué outer curves, tight inner curves, points, layered shapes, and bias vine. The result will be a beautiful floral table runner as shown on page 46. The small size makes it do-able for anyone who wants to appliqué a vintage floral design that won't be a long-term commitment.

Class Length
1 class of 3-4 hours to help students choose fabrics and prepare shapes for appliqué
2 classes, 3-4 hours each, to help students learn to appliqué

Class Supply List

  • Required text: Emporia Rose Appliqué Quilts by Barbara Brackman and Karla Menaugh
  • 1 1/2 yards white for background and backing
  • 1/3 yard green for long bias vine and large leaves
  • 1 fat quarter blue for leaves and bias stems
  • 1 fat eighth blue-green for tri-tipped leaves and bud stem
  • 6'' square each of 3 pinks or use scraps for flowers and buds
  • 5'' square yellow for flower centers
  • 1/2 yard dark pink for binding

TIP: The machine appliqué section starting on page 56 describes the technique we used to create this project. See that section for information about machine appliqué threads and other supplies.

If you are teaching needle-turn or a freezer-paper turn appliqué, this project would be a good opportunity to teach students how to use C&T's Wash-Away Appliqué sheets as shown on page 57.

Students who are using freezer paper or the appliqué sheets can trace the appliqué shapes directly onto the paper. For other types of appliqué, students may need template plastic.

Students also will need bias tape makers in 2 sizes, 1/2'' and 3/8''.

Depending on which appliqué method you wish to teach, your students may need other appliqué supplies.

When helping students choose fabric, don't forget the binding color! This is an important part of the design, since it will provide the contrast between the table top and the appliquéd runner. We used a really dark pink (not used in the appliqué shapes) to make our floral colors pop.

Classroom Preparation
For fabric preparation, students will need space to trace and cut the appliqué shapes, as well as rotary cutting and pressing stations. If you are teaching machine appliqué, each student will need a sewing machine.

Class Agenda
Follow the project instructions beginning on page 46 and the Appliqué instructions beginning on page 56 to demonstrate how to:

  1. Prepare bias vines in 2 sizes
  2. Divide the background fabric into 3 sections
  3. Prepare the appliqué shapes for stitching
  4. Place the bias vine onto the background and arrange the other appliqué shapes
  5. Stitch the appliqué