Embroidered Coasters Class Plan

Embroidered Coasters Class Plan

From Everyday Embroidery for Modern Stitchers by Megan Eckman


Class Description

Make that morning cup of coffee a little craftier with an embroidered coaster. These little squares will brighten your table and let you show off your embroidery skills.  

This small embroidery project is perfect for someone who has experience embroidering but wants to try out sewing (or vice versa). They’ll learn how to transfer patterns using the iron-on method, potentially learn the basic embroidery stitches if they’re unfamiliar with stitching, and tackle the sewing machine for a quick sew. Each student will complete one embroidered coaster as shown on page 100.


Class Length

3 hours - a little more if you will be covering the information in the “Embroidery Basics” section


Class Supplies

  • Required text: Everyday Embroidery for Modern Stitchers

  • Kona cotton or shot cotton cut into 8” squares (2 per student) (Discuss the differences in the dyeing process and perhaps let the student pick their colors.)

  • Felt

  • Embroidery floss (Consider showing off your line of Cosmo or DMC thread. Seeing a whole array of thread makes it more enticing.)

  • 5” or 6” embroidery hoops (1 per student)

  • Embroidery needles (1 per student)

  • Scrap fabric (if you will be teaching the material covered in the “Embroidery Basics” section but also for practice with the sewing machine)


Classroom Preparation

Very little prep is needed for this class but do please make scissors available. Needle threaders may also make some students feel more comfortable. You can also pre-cut the backing fabric to 5” x 5” squares and the felt to 4 ¼” x 4 ¼” squares.


Class Agenda

  1. If you’ll be teaching the basic stitches, work through the “Embroidery Basics” section with your students.

  2. If your students already know the basics, you can let them choose their patterns and begin transferring their designs. Refer to page 100 for a list of the designs used in the Coasters project.

  3. Follow the instructions beginning on page 101 to transfer the design, prep the fabric for sewing, and sew the coaster together.

  4. Have a cup of coffee or tea to celebrate.