Easy & Elegant Lone Star Quilts Class Plan

by Shirley Stutz

Notes to Instructor
The goal for this class is to teach students to design a large original lone star block, utilizing very large-scale prints. By creative placement of template on fabric, an elegant quilt will be achieved. The initial large central block can be accomplished in a one-day class.

In a two-day format, students can piece small blocks, per Project Two, and add borders for a complete quilt top.

Class Description
Learn to make a truly elegant lone star quilt, using a beautiful large-scale print fabric. In days gone by, lone star quilts were considered to be two winter quilts to make. Using the method from Easy & Elegant Lone Star Quilts, we can create a stunning lone star quilt in just one or two days! The formula is: One Block equals One Quilt. Class will include easy ways to cut large diamonds, triangles and squares, then stitch this eight-pointed star block without set-in seams to complete an original stunning quilt top. Multiple uses for the leftover focus fabric will be explored.

Length of Session
One 6-hour class to complete half of the central quilt block

Skill Level
Advanced Beginner to Advanced

Supply List

  • Required textbook: Easy & Elegant Lone Star Quilts by Shirley Stutz
  • 6 yards focus fabric: Choose a large-scale print with a 24" vertical repeat preferred. Fabric with variety in scale and color, with obvious background resting area works best.
  • 4 to 5 yards background: Chose a fabric which complements the focus fabric. Background can contrast the focus fabric, or be the same color as background in focus fabric, which lets the design elements "float".
  • 2 yards Pattern Ease by HTC for preparing patterns. This brand does not stretch in either direction, and is fairly transparent.
  • 1/4" masking tape
  • Fine line permanent marking pen
  • Flat head (flower) pins
  • Iron and ironing board
  • Sewing machine with 1/4" piecing foot, if available
  • Rotary cutter (small or medium); large cutting mat, 36" long preferred; 24" or longer rotary ruler; 12" rotary ruler
  • Thread which blends with both fabrics; Size 75 or 80 machine needles, either Topstitch System 130 N, Jeans or Universal
  • Basic sewing supplies

6-Hour Class
Teach how to prepare patterns using pattern insert from back of book. See instructions on printout. Use preprinted pattern for diamond and triangle. (See page 17 for size of square for large quilts, and page 69 for wall hangings.)

Note: Caution students not to cut the pattern insert. After templates are cut, 1/4" masking tape should be applied to outer edges of each template.

  1. Teach how to identify and isolate the best design in the focus fabric to create a wonderful new design (page 27 and 28).
  2. Teach how to use prepared pattern ease diamond template, pinning with flat (flower) head pins, using ruler over top of pattern (page 30 and 31).
  3. After 8 diamonds are cut, reverse them for choice in two designs (page 32 (Option 1--Cut only 5 diamonds).
  4. Follow (page 33) for cutting of background pieces.
  5. Prepare sewing machine for stitching by adding a ridge (several layers) of masking tape (page 37).
  6. Prepare tape guides for triangle, square and diamond (Page 37 and 38).
  7. Stitch the block according to directions on page 39 through 43. Block is pieced from the outside toward the center to guarantee perfect outer tips 1/4" from outside edge of block; elbows without puckers or pleats, and centers which match.

NOTE: 6-hour class provides time for piecing only half of block. Students should be given time to cut 5 diamonds, 4 for use in class and 1 for pattern to complete cutting of other 3 diamonds at home.

Near conclusion of class, demonstrate how to complete the big block.

Demonstrate how to use the areas left over from focus fabric to quickly and efficiently cut diamonds to make small eight pointed stars for use in borders (page 74 through 78).

A demonstration to show steps for using left over focus fabric in broderie perse appliqué, or reverse appliqué is helpful to student (pages 85 to 90).