Doodle Stitching One-Hour Embroidery Class Plan

Bee and Flower Mini Hoop Pendant 

Turn tiny stitching into wearable art 

From Doodle Stitching: One-Hour Embroidery 

by Aimee Ray 


Class Description 

Embroider a tiny bee and flower to frame in a miniature hoop. It  can be worn as a pendant. 

This class is a fun introduction to hand embroidery, suitable for  beginners age 11 and up, class size: up to 15 people. 


Class Length 

1-2 hours 


Class Supplies  

Required text: Doodle Stitching: One-Hour Embroidery 6x6 inch square of white quilter’s cotton/muslin fabric 

4 inch embroidery hoop 

Size 3 or 5 embroidery needle 

5 embroidery floss skeins in different colors 

Lead pencil or transferring method 

1.5 inch wooden hoop frame 

1/8 inch ribbon  

Watercolor paint to tint the wood frame (optional) 

TIP: Make it even easier for students to take the class by kitting a  hoop, mini hoop frame, floss selection and needle 


Classroom Preparation image.1.png

Chair and table space for each student 


Class Outline 

Follow the instructions beginning on page 31 to demonstrate how to:

1. Trace or transfer the bee and flower design onto fabric 

2. Learn and practice basic embroidery stitches to embroider the design

3. Frame the embroidery in the mini hoop, add a ribbon for a pendant.