DIY Guide to Tie-Dye Style Class Plan

Reverse Dye T-Shirt

Reverse Tie Dye with Bleach

From DIY Guide to Tie Dye Style by Liz Welker & Sam Spendlove


Class Description

This is a beginner-level class. Participants will learn tips and tricks for using bleach on garments to create unique designs. They will leave with their very own handmade reverse dyed shirt and have fun creating and learning this fun technique!


Class Length

This class can be completed in one hour. 


Class Supply List

DIY Guide to Tie Dye Style

60% polyester, 40% cotton blend t-shirt (heathered works best) in desired size


Squeeze bottle
Rubber bands
Container for water (large enough to submerge the shirt)
Apron (optional)
Table cover


Classroom Preparation

Use a space that is well ventilated (outside is ideal), with plenty of space for each participant to work. 


Class Agenda

See the full tutorial on page 35 of DIY Guide to Tie Dye Style

  1. Bind the shirt.

  2. Apply the bleach with a squeeze bottle.

  3. Rinse and remove rubber bands.