Crazy with Cotton Class Plan

By Diana Leone

It's so easy to have fun and make a fabulous memory or storytelling quilt. Diana Leone shows hundreds of tips for selecting fabrics, developing contrast when using "busy" conversational fabrics and updates on all the latest supplies and tools.

Make a sample as fast as you can. Your classes will overfill and your fabric shelves will empty. And you'll find a way to use those fun and neat conversational prints that we all purchase and need to sell.

Make the first of many Crazy Quilt Projects. Use any technique of embellishing the center from machine embroidery to photo transfer or any printed theme fabric.

2 sessions (2 weeks apart) 3-4 hours each.

Book -- Crazy with Cotton
Sewing Machine in good working order, with cord and foot pedal.
Extra sewing machine needles, Jeans (denim) size 70 or 80.
Large spool of neutral colored 100% cotton thread.
Fabric Scissors
Large Rotary Cutter with new blade.
Large rotary mat
6" x 24" cutting guide (ruler)
1/4" piecing foot for your machine, if you have one.

Fabric Requirements:
1 yard of theme fabric (or fabrics), i.e. cats, sewing stuff, flowers, animals, sports, etc.
1/4 yard of 20 or more light to dark background fabrics to coordinate with the theme.
You may use scraps as long as they are 14" by 14" or larger.
3 yards of muslin for foundation.

Look at student's fabrics. Discuss print/contrast. Demonstrate cutting center. Make 1 block. Show students how to trim the block accurately.

Homework: Make 4 to 20 blocks. Come with the blocks made and trimmed perfectly

Sew blocks together. Press. Discuss how to finish, including tying, machine quilting, batting, no batting and other options. Discuss tips and techniques in book.

Have fun!