Contemporary Weaving Class Plan

Woven Bookmark

From Contemporary Weaving: Bold Colour, Texture & Design on the Frame Loom by Allyson Rousseau


Class Description

In this beginner weaving class, you will learn how to make your own frame loom and woven bookmark using a few basic techniques. No prior weaving knowledge is required!

By the end of the class, you will know how to warp a frame loom, how to plain weave and choose a colour palette, and how to finish your bookmark in a secure way so that you can use it for years to come.

You will take home one frame loom and one finished bookmark either still on the loom or finished off the loom if time allows. 

Approximate Class Time

(1) three-hour session

Class Supply List

  • Required text: Contemporary Weaving: Bold Colour, Texture & Design on the Frame Loom by Allyson Rousseau
  • (2) canvas stretcher bars measuring 14 inches long (per student)
  • (2) canvas stretcher bars measuring 16 inches long (per student)
  • (1) large box of 1 inch long finishing nails - 1 hammer per student
  • (1) pencil per student
  • (1) measuring tape per student
  • Suitable yarn for warping the loom (see page 78 for recommendations) - A variety of yarns for weaving the bookmark
  • (1) small comb per student
  • (1) weaving needle per student 

This is a great class for yarn shops to run as the students can purchase their own yarn for their bookmarks or be inspired to purchase yarns for larger weaving projects.

Classroom Preparation

The students will each need roughly 25 inches of table space minimum in order to comfortably weave with their frame loom. The number of students able to attend this class is dependent on this available space.

When building the frame looms, it may be preferred to hammer in the stretcher bars and nails on the floor on a comfortable rug. This will help keep the stretcher bars from sliding around, and also dampen the noise from the hammering.

Please note: the hammering will be loud depending on how many students are hammering at once. The classroom location must be able to accommodate noise, and the students should be informed ahead of time in case this might be an issue.

The teacher should build their own frame loom and practice weaving ahead of time in order to best assist the students during the class time.

Class Agenda

Following the instructions in Contemporary Weaving: Bold Colour, Texture & Design on the Frame Loom (pages 80-83):

  1. Build frame looms (page 26)
  2. Learn how to correctly warp the loom (page page 48)
  3. Discuss inspiration and choose Colour Palette (page 30). *Optional break time for lunch or snack
  4. Learn how to plain weave and start weaving the bookmark (pages 54 and 78)
  5. Finish the bookmark (page 81)