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Claudia Olson

Claudia Olson

Never content to leave a quilt in its simplest form, Claudia Olson has always looked for ways to make it more interesting. Not long after she began quilting about 14 years ago, she discovered she wasn't happy just following someone else's instructions. She began the process of creating new quilt patterns and quilt settings of her own.

Her fascination with two-block quilts was sparked when she was a student of popular quilter, Marsha McCloskey. After developing some of her own methods and ideas, she began sharing them through teaching quilt classes and presentations to her local quilt group.

In the year 2000 she enlisted the help of her quilt group friends to sew the quilts she had designed, and the end result was her first book, 15 Two-Block Quilts. A native of California and a graduate of California State University at Fullerton, Claudia now resides in Wenatchee, Washington, with her family.

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