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Cinzia White

cinzia white

Cinzia White has been quilting for over 30 years. She has published numerous patterns in most Australian patchwork magazines and some American ones, and has taught throughout Australia. 

Influenced by her mathematics teaching background, Cinzia enjoys designing traditional quilts that are based on geometric designs. With perseverance and a desire to explore new directions, she has created many award-winning quilts.

Cinzia enjoys working with color and with no prearranged plan. She has a tendency to incorporate points and curves into her intricate patterns that alternate between two distinct styles: one scrappy and haphazard, the other involving intricate handwork.  

It is through her love of handwork that Raconteur: The Storyteller’s Collection developed. The miniature hexagons, not intended to be finished quickly, were made for her to enjoy stitching and appliquéing by hand. She believes the accuracy and serenity of handwork will always win out over the convenience of machine work. 

Cinzia lives in Gerringong, NSW Australia. Visit her at cinziawhite

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