Charm School

Charm School Class Plan

From Charm School—18 Quilts from 5˝ Squares

By Vanessa Goertzen of Lella Boutique

Class Description:

This class explores multiple methods to transform 5˝ squares into half-square triangles and the tricks to making them flawless. Students will make blocks for both Hoodwink and Charm Bracelet, quilts found in Vanessa Goertzen's Charm School—18 Quilts from 5˝ Squares book.

Skill level: Beginner to Intermediate

What students will learn:log

-Two easy methods of creating perfect half-square triangles from 5˝ squares

-Tricks to trimming HSTs by using a 4.5˝ Bloc Loc Ruler (a rotating cutting mat is also helpful)

-The Hoodwink quilt will also demonstrate the easy corner triangle method

Class Supply List:

  • Required text: Charm School—18 Quilts from 5˝ Squares by Vanessa Goertzen
  • 4.5˝ Bloc Loc Ruler
  • Rotating cutting mat for trimming blocks
  • Hoodwink quilt materials AND/OR Charm Bracelet quilt materials (make blocks of both)

Class Length:

This class would make a great 3-hour workshop, ideal for beginners.

Classroom Preparation:

Set up multiple cutting and pressing areas (steam irons recommended).

Class Agenda:

1. Explain how to make 4.5˝ half-square triangles using the method of drawing a diagonal line and sewing ¼˝ away from the marked line on both sides.

2. Demonstrate how to make 3˝ half-square triangles (or smaller) by sewing ¼˝ away from the edge around the perimeter and making cuts along the diagonals.

3. Show how to use the Bloc Loc Ruler to trim HSTs. The 4.5˝ Bloc Loc can be used to trim anything 4.5˝ or smaller. The rotating cutting mat is a useful tool here too.

4. Demonstrate the easy corner triangle method for adding triangles to the corners of HSTs.