Carol Dean Jones

carol d jones

Carol Dean Jones, a 70-something retired geriatric social worker, was born in Kentucky and is currently living in the West Virginia foothills. During her many years working with men and women facing the issues of aging, she learned a great deal about growing old. 

Being an avid quilter herself, Carol also wanted to integrate that particular creative expression into the story and Sarah, always willing to go along with her wishes, took up quilting. Sarah, in fact, makes the quilts (with Carol’s help, of course) for each of the book covers, as you will see as you read the stories. 

Because she wanted to write about quilting and about relationships, Carol chose the cozy format. A cozy is a light mystery without explicit sex, violence, or profanity. If the crime is murder, it tends to occur out of the view of the reader. Cozies are usually organized around a hobby and a group of friends in a small community who work to solve the mystery. In this series, the hobby is quilting and the community is a retirement village just across the park from the main street of a small town in the mid-west.

In each book, Carol tried to walk that fine line between giving too much and too little information about previous books in the series. Each can stand alone, but reading them in order will offer the advantage of watching characters, relationships, and situations develop over time.

By this author:

Frayed Edges - Book 12
Beneath Missouri Stars - Book 11
Left Holding the Bag - Book 10
Tattered & Torn - Book 9
Missing Memories - Book 8
The Rescue Quilt - Book 7
Moon Over the Mountain - Book 6
Stitched Together - Book 5
Patchwork Connections - Book 4
Sea Bound - Book 3
Running Stitches - Book 2
Tie Died - Book 1