Carl Hentsch

Carl Hentsch

Carl started quilting in the late 1990s. He did not come from a quilting family, but there was always some sort of handwork going on around him. His mother was a seamstress, his aunt knitted, and his sister Nancy loved to draw. Carl learned sewing, knitting, and pattern making at an early age, probably around ten or so.

The Internet was still young when Carl started quilting. He learned by watching TV shows such as Simply Quilts, Quilt in a Day, and Love of Quilting. It was only after seeing guest Ricky Tims on one of those programs that Carl decided it was time to buy a sewing machine and some fabric and learn how to quilt.

In 2000, Carl moved to Denver, where he discovered his first quilt shop, block-of-the-month projects, and tons of fabric. He dabbled over the years, still watching his favorite TV shows to learn more. It was when he moved to St. Joseph, Missouri, in 2006 that Carl started to delve deeper into his passion for quilting. “I found a lot of quilt shops in Kansas City and participated in a few sampler quilts and blocks-of-the-month.” By doing these projects, one block at a time, Carl honed his skills.

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