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Quilting Tips: Pressing

Posted by The Tech Editors on Sep 16th 2009

Pressing seams as you go along is so important in your sewing projects. Usually when making garments, the seams are pressed open to reduce bulk. However, when making quilts, usually the seams are pres … read more

Quilting Tips: Calculating Yardage for Bias Binding

Posted by The Tech Editors on Sep 1st 2009

Most of the time, we can get by with straight-grain binding. But some projects really call for bias. Bias curves much easier than straight-of-grain and holds up longer. So for quilts with curved edges … read more

Quilting Tips – Cutting Triangles

Posted by The Tech Editors on Aug 4th 2009

Triangles are such a common shape used in quilts. There is a simple method to determine the size to cut the shape so it fits in the quilt top.Happy Quilting!-The Tech Editors … read more

Quilting Tips: Making the Quilt “Sandwich”

Posted by The Tech Editors on Jun 23rd 2009

The quilt “sandwich” consists of the backing, batting, and the pieced top. Layer these 3 together, baste then quilt them, and, voilá, a quilt is born! BackingPlan on making the backing a minimum … read more