Big One-Star Quilts by Magic Class Plan

by Nancy Johnson-Srebro

The Big One-Star Quilt Class

Class description:
In this class you'll learn everything you need to know to make a big one-star quilt using only squares and rectangles. You'll come away from class with a smashing-looking quilt that has lots of diamonds in it, but you'll never cut a diamond or sew Y-seams! It doesn't get any better than this.

Approximate class time:
One 6-hour class

What each student will get:
The student will leave with at least 1/4 of the star completed or some students will leave with the whole star completed. It depends on the student's skill level. 

Project supplies:

  • Required text: Big One-Star Quilts by Magic by Nancy Johnson-Srebro
  • Student needs to bring the following items to class:
  • Sewing Machine
  • Basic Sewing Kit – i.e., scissors, seam ripper, straight pins, etc.
  • 6" x 14" Diamond-Free Omnigrip Ruler or 6" x 12" Omnigrid Ruler,
  • Rotary Cutter, Cutting Mat
  • Mechanical Pencil and Ultra Fine Point Sharpie Marker for marking diagonal lines on the squares and rectangles

Advance Preparations for the Students:
The students need to have all the star pieces cut out BEFORE coming to class.

Invite the students to use your class room ahead of time to cut out their Big One-Star Quilt. That way if they need help, you're available, and I bet they won't leave your shop without buying something! 

The following is what my (Nancy Johnson-Srebro) traveling supply list says, "Please have all the star pieces correctly cut out before coming to class. If your cutting isn't correct, the star will not go together. It will also be very helpful if you label the stacks of pieces, i.e., A, B, C, D, etc. Bring any leftover pieces of fabric to class.

Advance Preparations for the Teacher:

  • Have a completed star to display in the shop. 
  • Have a sewn sample of Unit 1 and Unit 2 to show the students how the "magic" happens when you place Unit 2 on top of Unit 1. 
  • Samples of the bonus wallhanging and bonus backing should be shown.
  • Students will usually buy additional fabrics to make sure they have enough for the bonus borders, etc.
  • Be sure to review the text/photos on page 8, and one of the best tips is found on page 9 --------see the "baste between diamonds" graphic. 

During the class:
Following the instructions in Big One-Star Quilts by Magic, page 8, demonstrate how to draw diagonal lines on squares and rectangles and also, how to sew them correctly. One of the best tips is found on page 9 - see the "baste between diamonds" graphic.   

Summary - Working with squares and rectangles to create Big One-Star Quilts doesn't get any easier than this. Let the MAGIC begin!