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Bianca Springer


Bianca Springer is an island girl born and raised in The Bahamas now living in Texas with her brilliant husband and her two adorable children. She was taught to sew by her mother, but her passion for the craft did not truly ignite until she became a mother herself. She derives much inspiration from her children by using fabric to fill cultural and racial representational gaps in their world and by extension, the world around them.

Bianca is primarily a garment sewer with a love of retro patterns from the ‘60s, ‘70s and today. She chooses simple and fun silhouettes that serve as a perfect foundation for the bold prints and colorful fabrics that make her heart sing. She loves experimenting with new techniques and constantly asks the question, “I wonder what will happen if?” and “Why sew boring?” Bianca enjoys finding new ways to repurpose textiles and use what is readily available.

Bianca loves sharing her passion for sewing with anyone who is willing to learn. As a sewing instructor, she is invigorated by the joy of discovery and sense of accomplishment 

when a skill “clicks” with a student, young or old. Bianca will hem your pants, at a cost, but prefers to teach you how, knowing the satisfaction you will gain.

Bianca has won numerous national and international sewing contests and competitions by taking risks. You can find Bianca in print as a contributor and designer for Sew News Magazine and Creative Machine Embroidery Magazine. She is a beginner sewing instructor, a brand ambassador for Nature’s Fabric, and a blogger with Riley Blake Designs. She designs and sells standard and custom sewing pattern weights and vintage sewing patterns.

She currently lives with her family in Pearland, Texas. 

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