Baltimore Album of Roses

Roses of Delight        

In-Depth Study: The Art of Needle-Turn Appliqué


From Baltimore Album of Roses (p. 64)

by Rita Verroca

Class Description:

Multilayered with nature-inspired details, this project uses ombres and printed fabrics to give delicate roses and flowers a three-dimensional effect. Baltimore Album stitchers used many different fabrics, each piece carefully selected and purposefully chosen for a desired effect. Rita teaches needle-turn appliqué and focuses on stitching techniques for both novices and advanced quilters. Students will have the opportunity to learn all the basic appliqué skills: basic stitch, perfect points, inverted Vs and valleys, skinny stems, and split leaves. Furthermore, Rita discusses the tricks and techniques of choosing solid and printed fabric that will enhance the design, shading, and dimension of a pattern. If the class is being held at a quilt store, a fun way to start the class is to help with the selection of a chosen color palette.

Class Length:     

6 hours

Class Supply List:

  • Required text: Baltimore Album of Roses
  • One piece of 18˝-square muslin or background fabric of your choice
  • A lot of small pieces of fabric in various colors for flowers, leaves, stems, and buds (Tightly woven fabrics are easier to appliqué; variegated fabrics and fabrics with many shades are good choices)
  • Appliqué needles size 10 and 11
  • Threads to match fabric (DMC cotton or Aurifil are good choices)
  • Small appliqué scissors and sharp paper scissors to cut Mylar template
  • Glass pins
  • Thimble
  • Water-soluble marker
  • Personal sewing lamp and extension cord

Classroom Preparation:

Set up common cutting and pressing station and a light table.

Class Agenda:

Follow the instructions starting on page 32 to demonstrate the following how-tos and apply them to the project on page 64:

  • Marking the background fabric
  • Pinning
  • Needle-turn technique
  • Skinny stems
  • Pointy leaves
  • Inverted valleys; inverted Vs
  • Smooth curves
  • Split leaves