Backyard Birds Class Plan

by Becky Goldsmith & Linda Jenkins, Piece O' Cake Designs

Early Bird!

Class Description
Who can resist the charms of this cute little bird! Whether you use realistic or whimsical colors, you are going to love your green-tailed towhee block (pullout page P3). Make this block into a small wall quilt or pillow or combine it with other bird blocks to make one of the bigger quilts (page 3 and 6).

Learn the fast and easy way to make templates and a placement overlay as well as the cutaway appliqué technique and curves. This class is suitable for all skill levels.

You will leave class with the skills that you need to finish hand appliquéing this lovely block.

Class Length
6 hours

Class Supply List
These supplies are described in detail in the book. Only supplies needed for class are listed here.

TIP: Make it even easier for students to take the class by kitting the supplies. You can also make fabric kits in different color combinations. You could make grab bags of fabric pieces suitable for this block.

Classroom Preparation
Each student needs some table space and a chair. It's good to have an outlet available for task lights. You will need 2-3 irons for students to press backgrounds and wrinkled fabric.

Class Agenda
The book lists step-by-step preparation in detail.

  1. Prepare the backgrounds (page 9)
  2. Make templates (pages 9-10)
  3. Make positioning overlay (page 11)
  4. Teach how to use cutaway appliqué on stem #1 (page 12). Use this as an opportunity to teach a good invisible appliqué stitch.
  5. Referring to the instructions on how to sew a circle (page 13), teach how to sew the outer curves on flower petal #12.
    TIP: The inner curve at the center of the outside edge of the petal will need to be clipped to turn easily. Three clips should be enough.
  6. Teach how to sew #28 to #27 off-the-block.
    TIP: Trace around the #27 template in the center of a piece of the #27 fabric that is about 6" x 6" square. Do not cut that shape out! Follow the instructions for cutaway appliqué on very small shapes (page 12). Finger-press the edges of #28. Use the overlay to place #28 on top of #27. Pin and sew. Reinforce the technique to sew outer curves.