Baby Boutique Class Plan

by Sue Kim

Teddy Bear

Class Description
This product is fit for sewers of all levels. If you aren't use to sewing with plush you can make it with hand! You don't have to worry about the hand stitched lines, it won't be shown because of the plush fabric. Or you can challenge yourself on using this in machine. All students will take the complete product.

Class Length
It takes about 2 hours to finish this product by machine and 3 hours by hand.

Class Supplies

  • Required text: Baby Boutique by Sue Kim
  • 1/2 yard or 44" wide plush, terry cloth, knit, fleece, or felt for body, arms, legs, ears, and head.
  • Embroidery floss for nose and eyes
  • Fiberfill
  • Fabric scrap(s) for scarf

Classroom Preparation
Each student needs a sewing machine or needle and thread.

Class Agenda
Follow the steps on page 90 of Baby Boutique which illustrates how to:

  1. Make ears, arms, and legs for the doll
  2. Flip right side out and fill in fiberfill
  3. Dart the and attach the arms and legs
  4. Place the body pieces and assemble them together
  5. Attach the ears along while making the head
  6. Fill in fiber fill in head
  7. Stitch the head piece and body piece together