Appliqué Petal Party Class Plan

by Susan Brubaker Knapp

Appliqué a Bouquet! Rose Wreath Block

Class Description

  • This is a great project for those with some needleturn appliqué experience who want to improve their skills.
  • Students will learn how to make smooth circles, sharp points and bias vines while creating the beautiful 12-1/2” Rose Wreath block from the Pink Petal Party quilt.
  • Add borders to the block for a small wall hanging or pillow.
  • Enjoy a day of relaxing hand work while learning lots of new skills and techniques to improve your appliqué.

Class Length

  • All day class, approximately six hours of work time
  • Could be the first in a series of monthly classes, each focusing on a new block in the Pink Petal Party quilt

Class Supplies

  • Required text: Appliqué Petal Party
  • 15” square of palest pink or white fabric (background); 10” squares of five different shades of pink fabric and two different shades of green fabric. Students may also choose a different color scheme
  • Medium-weight upholstery vinyl (page 3)
  • Ultra-fine tip permanent marker (page 3)
  • Masking tape
  • Template plastic
  • Scissors for cutting template plastic
  • Embroidery scissors
  • Thread (page 4)
  • Appliqué pins
  • Appliqué needles (page 3)
  • Pressing or bias bars (page 4)
  • Mechanical quilters’ chalk pencil in colors that contrast with your fabrics
  • Perfect Circles by Karen Kay Buckley (page 3)

Classroom Preparation

  • Each student needs good light, comfortable seating, and a small personal workspace on a table
  • Classroom needs several irons and ironing boards

Class Outline - Refer to the book for page numbers as noted

  1. Cut 15” square fabric background for your block
  2. Make templates and cut out appliqué pieces(page 3)
  3. Cut and prepare bias strips for vines (page 4)
  4. Prepare circles and make a positioning overlay (page 3)
  5. Pin and appliqué pieces to background (page 3-4)
  6. Square and trim block to desired size

(NOTE: Students will need more than six hours to complete this project, but should be able to prepare the pieces and do some appliqué work in that time.)