Annette Plog

Annette Plog

Annette has been sewing since she learned how to make doll clothes from her grandmother, Louise, who also taught her how to embroider, paint, and garden. Annette took her love of sewing and designing into her teens when she created her own clothing. After her children were born, she learned how to smock and made outfits for them until they outgrew the style.

Since Annette loved hand sewing, friends encouraged her to learn how to quilt. She learned, with the goal of making quilts that would someday be family heirlooms. Her mom, Jacque, had instilled in Annette the love and appreciation of antiques, but because most of their family quilts and heirlooms were stolen or destroyed, there were no antique quilts to be passed down. It seemed the perfect void to fill.

In 1997, a talented group of ladies asked Annette to join their block-exchange group with the purpose of reproducing antique quilts. The group, known as the Nineteenth-Century Patchwork Divas, would choose a quilt, have a block exchange, and a wonderful scrappy reproduction quilt would be the result. Because choosing the reproduction fabrics specific for the time period was important, knowledge of antique fabrics was necessary. Annette learned about antique fabrics through classes, reading, and talking with antiques dealers. She has learned so much since joining the group, but the learning never ends. With each block exchange, there is more to learn—whether it is finding the right reproduction blue for an 1870s quilt or perfecting a Y-seam.

Annette loves sewing, photography, gardening, running, antiquing at Round Top, and watching her grandchildren.

Annette and her husband of 40 years, Jim, live in Dalworthington Gardens, Texas. They have two children, Lauren and David; three grandchildren, Lucy, Joshua, and Riley; and a border-collie mix named Jake.

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