Alice Dunsdon

Alice DunsdonAlice Dunsdon is a quilt maker and designer who lives with her husband on their farm near Glenwood, Iowa. They are within driving distance of their two children and four grandchildren. Alice was taught to sew at an early age by her mother and was making her own clothing by the time she reached high school. Later, her collaboration with Edward Larson on seven of his quilts gave her the courage and inspiration to do her own designing. This led to several national and international awards for her work. Pictures of her quilts have appeared in several national publications. A number of her works hang in private as well as corporate collections. Her greatest achievement, she believes, was inspiring two of her granddaughters to quilt when they were in their early teens, because quilting will prosper only if the younger generation feels inspired to continue the tradition. This, her first book, comes out of a desire to keep that tradition of quilting alive.

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