Jennifer Pol Colin

jennifer polcolin

A native of France and expatriate in the United States, Jennifer runs Little Print Fabrics Studio in San Diego, California, where kids and grown-ups love to sew creatively.

When Jennifer arrived in the USA with 3 very little girls and an old 220V sewing machine, she was amazed by the sewing and craft supplies readily available in her new adoptive country and didn’t wait to sew for her new home and her family.She sewed as she never sewed before, and she started sharing her sewing journey through a blog named ‘'My Little Print Fabrics.'' She quickly had the opportunity to teach craft and sewing classes in schools and was happy to discover there was a new generation of very creative girls eager to learn how to sew.

Teaching sewing appeared to be a new vocation for Jennifer. Consistently inspired by her 3 daughters, she designed unique patterns for young sewers. Her hobby quickly turned into a full-time career.

With an intense teaching schedule filled with learning and designing in her studio, she wanted to write a book that reflects her classes. A deep lover of handmade textiles and unique personal goods and clothing, Jennifer wanted a book that empowers and encourages the maker to artistically personalize their project.

This book takes up the challenge to successfully mix creativity, playful ideas, and technical sewing skills.

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