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Gailen Runge

Gailen RungeGailen has been both quilting and editing since 1991. In publishing she specialized in magazine startups, and in quilting she operated her own custom-quilt business before coming to C&T Publishing in 2002. A true serial crafter, she will try any and every craft at least once. With two small children at home, quilting sometimes takes a backseat to other (less time-consuming) soft crafts, such as designing and sewing bags and clothing and knitting.

From the editor/designer:
The 3-in-1 Kiki Bag Pattern
Lucy's 3-in-1 kraft-tex Bag Pattern
Stitch Zakka
Happy Quilter Variety Puzzles—Volume 2

More Happy Quilter Variety Puzzles- Volume 3
Charlie kraft•tex® Backpack Pattern
Sew Emoji
Quilting with Precuts Handy Pocket Guide
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