Candyce Grisham


Candyce Grisham has been fascinated with fabric, sewing, and quilting since the age of nine, when she took her first sewing class and won a prize for her corduroy jumper and print shirt with a necktie. When she saw an ancestor’s quilt in the Smithsonian at age thirteen, she was hooked. She taught herself how to quilt from books and used cardboard templates and scissors to make her first quilt, a variation on the log cabin design. It has been a love affair ever since.

Candyce loves using fabrics, themes, and colors from nature, although she leans more and more toward bright fabrics, with lots of print. Much of her work has a “tradition with a twist” quality, and although it relies on inspiration from generations gone by, it also has a contemporary feel. She has dabbled in fiber art, quilt challenges, traditional quilting, modern quilting, and more, and she loves it all. 

Candyce has taught quilting for over twenty years and loves teaching and exploring with students as much as creating. She has been lucky to have quilts and fiber-art pieces juried into shows with Missouri Fiber Artists, the American Quilter’s Society in Kentucky, the International Quilt Association in Houston, and the National Quilt Association in Ohio, as well as many local and regional shows and displays. 

Candyce published her first pattern (a Dresden quilt, of course!) in 2015 and looks forward to sharing more of her work. She lives with her husband, Tom, in both rural Missouri and urban St. Louis with their golden retriever rescue, Bella. She has two adult sons who have followed in their father’s footsteps, and she couldn’t be prouder of them. She hopes she will get to pass on some of her love of quilting in the direction of their partners. icandyfiberart 

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