Alicia Burstein

alicia burstein

Alicia Burstein grew up in the great Pacific Northwest in a tiny house where her mom ran a day care as long as she can remember. To keep her busy, she taught her to cross stitch by the age of 7. Despite her undoubtedly short attention span, she picked up the love of needlework and to this day she still has her thread organizer as one of her favorite possessions.

Alicia went to college and graduated twice, became a mom three times,  a nurse and a college instructor, and self-published 4 coloring books available on Amazon.

She loves to make pretty much anything and has dabbled in almost everything; from paint to needlework, crochet to stamping, embroidery to stained glass. She cannot knit. At all.

Alicia currently resides in the Bay Area with her husband and all the kids.

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