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  • Fast, Fun & Easy Fabric Critter Bags Print-on-Demand Edition
    Fast, Fun & Easy Fabric Critter Bags Print-on-Demand Edition
    Mary Link –– Cuddly Keepers and Wild Things-Make One in Less Than a Day! • Lovable lunch bags, pillowcases, pouches, and gift bags for kids to make and really use • 7 fun projects and more than a...
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  • Fast, Fun & Easy Fabric Ficklesticks Print-on-Demand Edition
    Fast, Fun & Easy Fabric Ficklesticks Print-on-Demand Edition
    Diana Taylor –– Turn Fabric Strips Into Fun and Funky Adornments • 9 quick and engaging jewelry projects, plus an inspiring gallery of stick figures, baubles, bouquets, belts & bows • Stitch a...
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  • Felt Wee Folk Print-on-Demand Edition
    Felt Wee Folk Print-on-Demand Edition
    Salley Mavor –– Salley Mavor’s charming, bendable Wee Folk fairies and dolls are real show-stoppers. Learn to create your own tiny figures and accessories using wool felt, chenile stems, simple...
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  • Finishing the Figure Print-on-Demand Edition
    Finishing the Figure Print-on-Demand Edition
    Susanna Oroyan –– Brilliant doll artist Susanna Oroyan taught us to create figures with depth and imagination; now she focuses on designing their presentation--costume, accessories, furnishings, and...
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  • Floorquilts! Print-on-Demand Edition
    Floorquilts! Print-on-Demand Edition
    Ellen Highsmith Silver –– The Floor's the Limit! • Raid your stash! Turn your favorite fabrics and quilt patterns into durable, walkable art • 12 projects with step-by-step instructions and dozens of...
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  • From Fiber to Fabric Print-on-Demand Edition
    From Fiber to Fabric Print-on-Demand Edition
    Harriet Hargrave –– Harriet Hargrave presents the definitive resource guide to selection, use, and care of today’s textiles. Includes easy-to-understand directions for testing fiber content, thread count,...
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  • Simple Fabric Folding for Christmas Print-on-Demand Edition
    Simple Fabric Folding for Christmas Print-on-Demand Edition
    Liz Aneloski –– ‘Tis the night before Christmas...and your house sparkles with unique folded-and-quilted holiday decorations! Learn to fold fabric like a pro to embellish quilts, stockings, and more. Get...
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  • 100+ NoSew Fabric Crafts for Kids eBook
    100+ NoSew Fabric Crafts for Kids eBook
    Mary Link –– Too Cute! No-Sew Children's Games, Toys, Gifts, and Decorations• 100+ fun, no-sew toys, games, and other small treasures• Have fun creating them with children and for children•...
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  • 101 Fabulous FatQuarter Bags with M'Liss Rae Hawley eBook
    101 Fabulous FatQuarter Bags with M'Liss Rae Hawley eBook
    M'Liss Rae Hawley ––Make Yourself a Brand New Bag!• Carry everything with style in super-easy bags for every season, occasion, or outfit• 10 fat-quarter-friendly projects include small and large purses,...
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  • A Month of Sundays - Family, Friends, Food & Quilts
    A Month of Sundays Family, Friends, Food & Quilts eBook
    Cheryl Arkison –– A quilting book unlike any other • Featuring 16 family-friendly projects including quilts, bags, bags, pennants and so much more • Learn a novel approach to quilting using low-volume...
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  • A Quilting Life eBook
    A Quilting Life eBook
    Sherri McConnell –– Make tomorrow's family heirlooms in today’s favorite fabrics Bring the handmade tradition home with these charming quilts and home accessories. Inspired by a grandmother who loved to...
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  • Adventures in Fabric - La Todera Style: Sew 20 Projects for You & Your Home
    Adventures in Fabric La Todera Style eBook
    Julie M. Creus –– 20 clever projects using fabric in ways you’ve never dreamed of! This festive collection from designer Julie Creus brings together bright fabrics, ingenious construction methods, and a...
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  • Baby Boutique eBook
    Baby Boutique eBook
    Sue Kim –– Welcome a new baby with these exquisite keepsakes There’s nothing more heartwarming than an exquisite handmade keepsake for a little one. In this charming collection, popular designer Sue Kim...
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  • Bags  The Modern Classics eBook
    Bags The Modern Classics eBook
    Sue Kim –– The bag makes the outfit! • Make your own fashion statement with these sophisticated, runway-worthy bag designs • Each of the 19 projects has multiple variations for more than 75 different...
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  • Bandana-rama - Wrap, Glue, Sew: Kids Make 21 Fast & Fun Craft Projects - Headbands, Skirts, Pillows & More
    Bandanarama Wrap, Glue, Sew eBook
    Judith Cressy –– What can you add to plain skirts, belts, or even pillows to make those items even cuter? Bandanas! You'll learn how to combine colors and mix patterns to create a look all your own...
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  • Because I Love You Sew: 17 Handmade Gifts for Everyone in Your Life
    Because I Love You Sew eBook
    Trish Preston –– Get perfect gift ideas for everyone in your life (and maybe find something for yourself) • Make handmade gifts for family, friends, co-workers, kids, or even yourself! • Featuring 17...
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  • Boutique Casual for Boys & Girls: 17 Timeless Projects - Full-Size Clothing Patterns - Sizes 12 months to 5 years
    Boutique Casual for Boys & Girls eBook
    Sue Kim –– Make, Mix, and Match: 20 stylish projects for your children’s wardrobe • Make the perfect mix-and-match wardrobe for your little one; featuring 17 projects specifically designed for...
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  • Countryside Softies eBook
    Countryside Softies eBook
    Amy Adams –– A tweet, a grunt, a squeak, and a hoot! A little time, a few supplies, and a dash of creativity are all you need to bring these adorable critters to life. Whether it's a fuzzy rabbit personalized...
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  • DIY Wardrobe Makeovers eBook: Alter, Refresh & Refashion Your Clothes * Step-by-Step Sewing Tutorials by Suzannah Hamlin Stanley
    DIY Wardrobe Makeovers eBook
    Suzannah Hamlin Stanley ––Affordable, stylish, and trendy refashionsUnlock your closet’s potential with simple, stylish wardrobe refashions you can sew at home. DIY-style blogger Suzannah Hamlin Stanley...
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  • Enchanting Art Dolls & Soft Sculptures eBook
    Enchanting Art Dolls & Soft Sculptures eBook
    Marina Druker –– What's your vision of the perfect doll? Every doll deserves to be unique! Discover the joy of making one-of-a-kind art dolls from head to toe. Learn how to build wire armatures, find out how...
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  • Fanciful Felties from mummysam by Samantha Cotterill
    Fanciful Felties from mummysam eBook
    Samantha Cotterill –– Stitch A Story • 14 beginner-friendly projects to stitch by hand or machine• Includes patterns and illustrations for different characters with matching scenic elements like...
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  • Fast, Fun & Easy Home Accents eBook
    Fast, Fun & Easy Home Accents eBook
    Pam Archer –– Pretty Home Accessories to Give or Keep • Easy-sew projects finish FAST! Accessories for the office, kitchen, around the house-all great for gifts! • Make everything from placemats to...
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  • Felt Toys for Little Ones eBook
    Felt Toys for Little Ones eBook
    Jessica Peck –– No batteries required! These toys are MADE to play! • Turn off the tech and turn on the imagination with these engaging handmade toys • Popular blogger and Sweetie Pie Bakery designer...
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  • Fresh Family Traditions: 18 Heirloom Quilts for a New Generation
    Fresh Family Traditions Print-on-Demand Edition
    Sherri McConnell –– Fresh tradition: favorite quilt patterns renewed with lighthearted modern style This collection of 18 charming quilts and home accessories from Sherri McConnell brings together the best of...
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  • Handmade Hostess: 12 Imaginative Party Ideas for Unforgettable Entertaining - 37 Sewing & Craft Projects - 12 Desserts
    Handmade Hostess eBook
    Kelly Lee-Creel and Rebecca Soder –– Be the life of your own party! In this book, Kelly and Rebecca have captured the heart of social gatherings for special occasions—expressing your love for family and...
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  • Just for You - Selfish Sewing with Your Favorite Sew CanShe Bloggers
    Just for You Selfish Sewing with Your Favorite Sew CanShe Bloggers eBook
    Caroline Fairbanks-Critchfield and Sarah Markos –– Nurture yourself by sewing something that’s just for you You spend all day doing things for everyone else. It’s time to renew your creative energy...
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  • Little Fixes: 54 Clever Ways to Extend the Life of Kids' Clothes * Reuse, recycle, repurpose, restyle
    Little Fixes eBook
    Disney Powless –– Do you believe in second chances? Here are 54 ways to give your kids’ clothes a longer life - for sizes toddler to teen • Don’t throw it out or hand it down yet! Featuring 54...
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  • Me & My Sewing Adventure eBook
    Me & My Sewing Adventure eBook
    Kate Haxell –– Follow-up to the best seller Me & My Sewing Machine! • Advance your skills in garment, home dec, and accessory sewing with this practical teaching guide • Simple (foolproof!)...
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  • Modern Prairie Sewing: 20 Handmade Projects for You & Your Friends
    Modern Prairie Sewing eBook
    Abigail A. Long –– It’s sew easy; it’s sew clever • Be inspired by the bright, modern designs of popular pattern maker and blogger Abigail Long of Marie-Madeline Studio • All 20 projects...
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  • My Life in Fabric with Valori Wells
    My Life in Fabric with Valori Wells eBook
    Valori Wells –– Create a life full of your fabric ideas • Make fabric come alive with silk screening, block printing, painting, and embroidery • 14 projects in Valori's signature style; make quilts,...
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  • Sew Modern Baby eBook
    Sew Modern Baby eBook
    Angela Yosten –– Spark your baby’s natural curiosity • 19 projects for baby and mom with today’s must-have modern style • Includes a pattern for a multisensory activity gym! •...
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  • Socks Appeal eBook
    Socks Appeal eBook
    Brenna Maloney –– Stitch up a sweet and silly sock critter tonight! • Turn your favorite socks into adorable bunnies, kittens, hamsters, turtles, penguins and more • 16 projects are categorized...
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  • Stitch Kitsch eBook
    Stitch Kitsch eBook
    Jennifer Heynen ––     Colorful projects, perfect to give as gifts Put the fun back in sewing with little treasures to sew, embellish, and share! Popular fabric and pattern designer Jennifer Heynen...
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  • Storybook Toys: Sew 16 Projects from Once Upon a Time - Dolls, Puppets, Softies & More
    Storybook Toys eBook
    Jill Hamor –– Make a cherished companion for your little one Inspired by vintage patterns from the 1940s, these 16 projects include loveable dolls and softies, pillows, puppets, and even a little girl's first...
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  • Sweet & Simple Handmade eBook
    Sweet & Simple Handmade eBook
    Melissa Wastney –– Stitch up something for all the little ones in your life • 25 simple projects to sew, embroider, and knit - make garments, bags, stuffies, quilts, and much more!• Perfect for girls...
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  • Sweetwater's Simple Home eBook
    Sweetwater's Simple Home eBook
    Sweetwater –– Make every room in your house feel more like home • 35 beginner-friendly projects, including quilts, pillows, table linens, and accessories - many can be made in a day or less • Fresh,...
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