Free-Spirited Twist on Hexies

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Polygon Play is a free-spirited twist on the appliqué hexie quilt. The improv approach is super easy, and the quilt comes together quickly using half-square triangles (HST) made from 5˝ precut charm squares or scraps from your fabric stash. Playful, forgiving, and creative quiltmaking is so satisfying, because, frankly speaking, it’s a lot of fun! This pattern has the freedom of improv yet also the basic structure of a simple layout, materials list, and instructions. Enjoy the process!

I have been going crazy with making the polygons, and I am getting faster and faster at continuously piecing them. It’s almost addicting, and I can do it anywhere! I just put my squares in a little sewing pouch with my roller and glue sticks. I usually carry two sticks at a time because I run out of glue quickly.

The hexie quilts of Modern Handcraft were my jumping-off point. I forgot my templates on a sewing weekend and had to improvise with the materials I had … hence this new pattern, Polygon Play! There are two size options in this pattern—43˝ × 43˝ (square) and 61˝ × 103˝ (large rectangle)—and polygon layout options for inspiration.

Show me your work! Tag me on Instagram using @jennifersampou, #PolygonPlayQuilt, and #JenniferSampou.

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