Crazy Cats and Adorable Dogs

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Hi! I'm Mary Hertel, author of Cute & Clever Totes and Sew Yourself a Merry Little Christmas, two new paper-piecing book out this spring from C&T Publishing. I am constantly creating new block patterns and lately I have been obsessing over cats and dogs. Pets are a favorite subject matter for many of my customers. They send me photos of their pets, and I use them to inspire new block designs. When I get enough blocks, I put together a new quilt pattern. That is how I designed Dogs Only, a quilt with twelve different breeds. Below is a photo sent to me by a customer who owns an adorable beagle, which I used as the inspiration for the beagle in this quilt.

But after devoting all that energy to a dog quilt, I felt compelled to satisfy my cat-loving customers as well. I just finished designing Crazy Cats, a quilt with twelve cats that have crazy expressions. I can't wait to share this new quilt pattern with my friends! 

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