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  • Bead Couching Free Tutorial
    Bead Couching Free Tutorial
    Continuing our beading series on the blog, today Mary Stori shares the couching stitch from the All-in-One Beading Buddy, a way to add braid or other trim to fabric...
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  • Free Project: Babies On The Way
    Free Project: Babies On The Way
    As a momma bird gathers scraps to build her nest, this piece too is made from scraps! Creative Troupe member Jeanelle McCall has combined a little free-motion embroidery, hand embroidery and a photo transfer...
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  • Free project with mul‰-tex‰—Homescape art quilt
    Free project with mul‰-tex‰—Homescape art quilt
    Lydia Carlsgaard, a member of our Creative Troupe, used the transparent quality of mul•tex™ to add layers and depth to her wonderful art quilt. The fusibility of mul•tex also simplified the...
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  • Shamrock Pillow Free Project
    Shamrock Pillow Free Project
    Happy St. Patrick's Day! The Shamrock Pillow is a scrap-busting project featuring reverse appliqué and the option for simple hand embroidery. I had fun digging through my scraps to see what unusual combinations I...
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  • Single Foundation Piecing with Free Project
    Single Foundation Piecing with Free Project
    Curious about different kinds of foundation piecing? You're in luck! This free project from Every Quilter's Foundation Piecing Reference Tool teaches the basics of single foundation piecing while creating a...
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  • Free Project: Round Bowl from Favorite Fabric Bowls, Boxes & Vases
    Free Project: Round Bowl from Favorite Fabric Bowls, Boxes & Vases
    This wonderful project is great for a novice to learn satin stitching and machine quilting. Get ready—sharp-looking curves ahead!
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  • Free Project: mul‰-tex Belt
    Free Project: mul‰-tex Belt
    How cool is this belt that Creative Troupe member Diane Knoblauch created using fabric and mul•tex? mul•tex not only takes rubber stamping and painting beautifully, but it also is durable enough...
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  • Fun Free Tablet Sleeve
    Fun Free Tablet Sleeve
    Finished size: 10" wide x 7 3/4" high These sleeves are perfect for cell phones and tablets! They have hook-and-loop tape closures, allowing users easy access to their devices. What’s more, this pattern is easy to...
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  • Valentine Sugar Cookies Free Recipe
    Valentine Sugar Cookies Free Recipe
    Cookies are one of those treats that take me right back to my childhood, when I would come home from school to find a plate of sugar cookies waiting on the kitchen table. For these, try writing out a sweet...
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  • Snow-Covered Popcorn Free Recipe
    Snow-Covered Popcorn Free Recipe
    In my book proposal for American Homestead Christmas I wanted to include some recipes for my favorite Christmas cookies and treats, but they didn't end up in the book. So I'll share one with you...
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  • Classic Doll Skirt—Free Project
    Classic Doll Skirt—Free Project
    This free project comes from Doll Days! Sew an Everyday Wardrobe for 18" Dolls. Enjoy! The A-line skirt is a classic style that will never be out of fashion—a staple in any doll’s closet. The scalloped hem...
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  • Beaded Branched Fringe Free Tutorial
    Beaded Branched Fringe Free Tutorial
    Today Mary Stori, author of the All-in-One Beading Buddy, shares the branched fringe stitch, perfect to use within the body of a quilt or garment and along the edges or bindings...
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  • Captured Beads Free Tutorial
    Captured Beads Free Tutorial
    Seed beads secure a larger bead in this decorative stitch, perfect for edging or binding. Use it on quilts, ribbon, trim, napkins, pillows, bed linens, or even curtains!
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  • Seaside Beach T-Shirt Tote
    Seaside Beach T-Shirt Tote
    Finished tote: 13 ̋ wide × 12 ̋ tall × 3 ̋ deep Use an old T-shirt and jeans to make a fun tote! This pattern is designed for a T-shirt block that is 9 ̋ × 7 ̋ for the outside pocket. There is an...
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  • Free Pincushion Project with Rachel Low
    Free Pincushion Project with Rachel Low
    Rachel Low, author of Girl's Guide to DIY Fashion, shares a FREE project inspired by her new book.  There is a ton of excitement when first getting started to SEW - - especially among the new generation of...
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  • Beaded Feather Stitch Free Tutorial
    Beaded Feather Stitch Free Tutorial
    We love this feather beading stitch from Mary Stori, author of All-in-One Beading Buddy! How perfect is it to add to a crazy quilt or along the hem of a...
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  • Beading Lace Free Tutorial
    Beading Lace Free Tutorial
    Did you know beading can be used on the binding of quilts to create a gentle frame or a dramatic impact? It can also be used on ribbon, trim, napkins, pillows, bed linens, or even curtains! Mary Stori, author...
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  • Free Tutorial: Halloween Pillows
    Free Tutorial: Halloween Pillows
    For me, September means Fall and the start of the holiday season. I’m from Michigan and that’s usually the month we get the first chill in the air and the apple orchards are prime for picking and warm...
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  • Beaded Fireworks Free Tutorial
    Beaded Fireworks Free Tutorial
    This beaded design adds energy by drawing the eye around and out.
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  • Free Project: Wistful Afternoon Shawl Using TAP
    Free Project: Wistful Afternoon Shawl Using TAP
    This shawl carries a dreamy, romantic sentiment, making it the perfect accessory for an afternoon wedding or a cool night on the town. Creative Troupe member Lynn Corona used TAP™ Transfer...
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  • Crown Project Free Tutorial
    Crown Project Free Tutorial
    Enjoy this free project, perfect for Halloween! Made with kraft-tex in Chocolate or Stone...
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  • Lazy Bead Stitches Free Tutorial
    Lazy Bead Stitches Free Tutorial
    Beading is perennially popular, and no wonder–you can use it to embellish quilts, clothing, bags, home decor, and so much more! Today, Mary Stori, author of All-in-One Beading Buddy, shares two of...
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  • Stenciling on mul‰-tex Free Project
    Stenciling on mul‰-tex Free Project
    Rebecca Parsons is a mixed media artist and a member of our Creative Troupe. She shares her stenciling tips with us, which she used to paint mul•tex to incorporate into these lovely miniature shoes with...
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  • Free Redwork Holiday Star Project for Children of All Ages!
    Free Redwork Holiday Star Project for Children of All Ages!
    The following Holiday Star pattern includes instructions for children and teens who can handle a sharp needle. To do this project with younger children, you can use a long, fairly blunt craft needle with red...
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  • Rectangular Sofa Pillow Pattern
    Rectangular Sofa Pillow Pattern
    I am obsessed with pillows! Lately I want to make pillows of every shape and size, but my favorite is the rectangular sofa pillow. Let’s put together three of my paper-pieced blocks to create the rectangle. This pillow...
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  • Layered Portrait TAP Project by Lesley Riley
    Layered Portrait TAP Project by Lesley Riley
    This beautiful and unique portrait was created by author and creator of TAP™, Lesley Riley. In the project below, she shares how to create this artistic effect with your own special image. This won’t be...
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  • Treasure Map in a Bottle Free Project
    Treasure Map in a Bottle Free Project
    I’m the lucky Technical Editor who had the pleasure of working on the very cool book, kraft•tex Style. My friend, Del, heard me mention some of the projects in the book, and about how kraft•tex...
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  • Pillows from the Patch
    Pillows from the Patch
    Every year, I find myself once again looking for the perfect pumpkins for my porch and walkways. These pumpkins usually are not perfect at all. I like them lopsided, with spots, and always with stems. These wooly pumpkins...
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  • Amazing Appliqué Sweatshirt
    Amazing Appliqué Sweatshirt
    To celebrate the launch of Project Runway Junior, we're giving away a free project from Girl's Guide to DIY Fashion by Rachel Low! Perfect for the little fashionista in your life, this Amazing Appliqué...
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  • Watercolor Ribbon Free Project
    Watercolor Ribbon Free Project
    These beautiful, one-of-a-kind watercolor-looking ribbons can be used to wrap a special package, tie in hair, wear as a belt, or make a bracelet. They add a personal decorative touch to a special event...
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  • Princess TAP T-Shirt Free Project
    Princess TAP T-Shirt Free Project
    Author and creator of TAP™ Transfer Artist Paper, Lesley Riley, is sharing the “how-to-do” for this adorably embellished t-shirt so you can create one for the princess in your life. With the use...
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  • Spice Quilt Pattern
    Spice Quilt Pattern
    This lap quilt is perfect to cuddle up under on a chilly fall night. Make it for Halloween in orange and black, or choose your favorite fall colors.
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  • Monogram kraft-tex Journal Cover
    Monogram kraft-tex Journal Cover
    This is an easy kraft•tex® project that is simple to resize based on the dimensions of your journal. (If you’re using the 8 1/2˝ × 11˝ sheets from the sampler pack, you can make a cover for a...
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  • Simple Sundress
    Simple Sundress
    Who would’ve thought that you could create such a fun and flattering dress with one piece of fabric and a roll of elastic thread? This Simple Sundress will be your go-to dress for all summertime events, whether you are...
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  • Circle Takes the Square Quilt
    Circle Takes the Square Quilt
    Please enjoy this free project taken from Double Vision Quilts.  Finished Size: 42" x 42"
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  • Fastest Pillow Pattern
    Fastest Pillow Pattern
    Instead of the fastest draw in the west, I’m writing to tell you about the fastest way to make a pillow. This title should not be confused—I'm definitely not saying I’m the fastest sewist! (Not that every...
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