Thank You Card TAP™ Project by Lesley Riley

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What better way to really show your gratitude than with a handmade note card? Using TAP™ Transfer Artist Paper in your card project not only opens up the creative possibilities, but is quick and easy too. This card, created by author Lesley Riley, shows is a fantastic example of how TAP can be used to create beautiful, one-of-a-kind thank you cards for the do-gooders in your life.

Read on for project instructions…

TAP™ Thank You Card

by Lesley Riley


  • TAP™ Transfer Artist Paper
  • Iron
  • Card stock, watercolor paper, or construction paper for card cut to desired size
  • Stencil and stencil brush or rubber stamp
  • Acrylic paint or rubber stamp ink
  • Low-tack tape
  • 1 sheet of clean copy or parchment paper


1. Print photo and text for front and/or inside of card (in reverse) on TAP™ and trim to size.

2. Center photo on card front. Tape in place with low-tack tape. Cover card with clean paper.

3. Iron photo to paper. Peek to ensure complete transfer, but DO NOT remove TAP™.

4. With TAP™ in place as a mask, stencil or stamp front of card. Leave a space for or use a light color so that text will be legible. Dry.

5. Transfer text to card front and/or inside.

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