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The Quilter's Negative Space Handbook Blog Tour Kickoff!

Posted by Deirdre Quirk on Mar 11th 2019

Welcome to The Quilter's Negative Space Handbook blog tour! We're so happy to be celebrating the release of this incredibly guide to designing your own modern quilts. Over the next week or so you'll get to see a bunch of talented designers putting their own spin on Sylvia's eight design techniques: Removing Elements, Standing Alone, Oversized Simple Blocks and Inverting, Setting Rows, Scattering, Disintegration, Making Shapes, and Extending Lines. We thought we'd kick the tour off by sharing Sylvia's own designs for each technique!

In her Northern Lights quilt, Sylvia takes a classic New York Beauty design and removes all but two diagonal rows. Check out all that fantastic negative space!

In her Icy Feathered Star quilt, Sylvia gives the very traditional feathered star motif a modern update by setting it at a jaunty angle and adding negative space on the sides.

In her Rainbow Sun quilt, Sylvia increases the size of and inverts a Mariner's Compass block—and adds a fun scrappy background!

In her Row of Diamonds quilt, Sylvia combines solid fabric and her favorite prints by setting a row of patterned diamonds across a background of negative space.

In her Every Which Way quilt, Sylvia scatters soft gray arrows amongst bright, colorful ones to make her placement look deliberate.

In her Jewel Drop quilt, Sylvia breaks up the inspiration block (Red Peony Buds) and places the elements in a gradient.

In her River of Fire quilt, Sylvia creates the curving shape of a river by using blocks in two different sizes to smooth out the curves.

In her Buckles quilt, Sylvia extends the lines from the central blocks to create visual motion across the whole quilt.

And now for the schedule! Get ready to see some amazing variations on these eight design techniques over the next few days.

March 11 - C&T Publishing - blog tour kickoff - You're here!

March 12 - Nicole Neblett - Mama Love Quilts

March 13 - Christa Watson - Christa Quilts

March 14 - Jessica Caldwell - Desert Bloom Quilting

March 15 - Sheri Cifaldi-Morrill - Whole Circle Studio

March 18 - Cassandra Ireland Beaver - The (Not So) Dramatic Life

March 19 - Yvonne Fuchs - Quilting Jetgirl

March 20 - Sarah Ruiz - Saroy

March 21 - Sarah Goer - Sarah Goer Quilts

March 22 - Sylvia Schaefer - Flying Parrot Quilts - tour wrap-up

Thank you for following along! You can enter to win an ebook copy of The Quilter's Negative Space Handbook HERE

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