Sew kraft-tex Bags Blog Tour Kickoff!

Sew kraft-tex Bags Blog Tour Kickoff!

Posted by Betsy La Honta on Mar 4th 2019

Welcome to the Sew kraft-tex Bags blog tour! Making bags is one of my favorite crafty things to do, and kraft-tex is my go-to for making them, so when the opportunity came to work on a book about both, I was all in! From the selection of the bags to the final photo shoot, the process of working on Sew kraft-tex Bags was a labor of love, and I feel really fortunate that I got to work with Gailen Runge, my kraft-tex partner-in-crime!

The journey began little over a year ago when Gailen and I sat down with a big pile of C&T books and pored over previously published bag patterns, examining each one for it’s potential for remaking with kraft-tex. Which pattern do we try? What color kraft-tex do we use for this one? Which sections of the bag should be kraft-tex and which should be fabric? We must have examined dozens of patterns before settling on about twenty-five or so to try.

Following the excitement of the planning process, Gailen and I got down to the nitty-gritty of sewing the bags that made the first cut. And I’ll be honest; there were a couple of bags that REALLY didn’t want to be made out of kraft-tex. (Word of warning: Pleats out of kraft-tex? No, just no.)

Ultimately, after a few adjustments along the way, a number of broken needles, several start-overs, and a couple of “heck nos” we ended up with our final seventeen projects. And boy, were we were thrilled with the results! We especially loved how the kraft-tex version of the pattern added a whole new dimension to the original, whether it was transforming the structure or providing contrast to the fabric, or both.

Our goal all along was to learn all of the ins-and-outs ourselves so that we could give you the instruction you need to be successful in your own kraft-tex bagmaking adventures. In the introduction to Sew kraft-tex Bags, we provide thorough instructions on using kraft-tex, including washing, drying, cuttin,g and sewing, as well as hints and tips for using kraft-tex in your OWN favorite bag patterns.

For each of the seventeen projects we provide the complete original instructions (so you can make the a fabric-only version if you choose) along with all the adjustments you need to make to successfully create the kraft-tex version. (There are also project-specific helpful hints for each bag!)

Follow along with the blog tour to see more amazing kraft-tex creations!

Monday 3/4: C&T Publishing at

Tuesday 3/5: Margarita Korioth at

Wednesday 3/6: Jessica Kapitanski at

Thursday 3/7: Kelly Nagel at

Friday 3/8: Designer Joi at

Monday 3/11: Lindsay Conner at

Tuesday 3/12: Teri Lucas at

Wednesday 3/13: Barbara Emodi at

And now it’s your turn! Enter to win an ebook copy of Sew kraft-tex Bags HERE. We’d love to see what you make so be sure to post your pics to Instagram and tag them with #krafttex or #krafttexbags!

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