Quilting with Curves Virtual Book Tour

Quilting with Curves Virtual Book Tour

Jun 19th 2023

We are thrilled to announce Daisy Aschehoug’s virtual book tour celebrating the release of her new book, Quilting with Curves: 20 Geometric Projects!

Quilting with Curves

In the book, Daisy covers a technique typically daunting to quilters: curved piecing. Daisy makes this technique easy with her guidance. Readers can use the book's projects to show off their new skills and practice what they learn in the book.

“Most of the quilts I’ve made are built with quarter circle squares. Sometimes there are hundreds in a single quilt. Even though I’m drawn to and admire almost all kinds of quilts, there’s no question that I’m called to the quarter circle the way I imagine athletes and musicians are drawn to their positions in their fields. I look at the quarter circle square the way builders might look at bricks or the way my children look at Legos—these fun building blocks can be moved and turned and resized and recolored in a variety of ways that all end up constructing something beautiful. Each quilt in this book uses this shape, and my hope is that the diversity of designs shows the potential of a single element repeated throughout a composition.” —Daisy Aschehoug from Quilting with Curves.

For Daisy’s blog tour, many of the contributors, plus some quilting friends, agreed to join in and help celebrate the release of Quilting with Curves! Follow along to learn more about the making of the book, see some original projects, and read candid reviews. The full schedule is below.

Quilting with Curves

Spring Tradition Quilt from Quilting with Curves by Daisy Aschehoug

Week 1

Tuesday, June 20 - Christa Quilts

Wednesday, June 21 - Libs Elliott

Thursday, June 22 - Kitty Wilkin

Friday, June 23 - Sarah Goer Quilts

Saturday, June 24 - Stitched in Color with Rachel Hauser

Sunday, June 25 - May Chappell

Week 2

Monday, June 26 - By Hilary Jordan

Tuesday, June 27 - Saroy with Sarah Ruiz

Wednesday, June 28 - Laura Loewen

Thursday, June 29 - Jo Avery

Friday, June 30 - Mali Storli Engedal

Saturday, July 1 - Daisy Aschehoug

Win a free ebook copy!

With a couple of the stops on Instagram and the rest on blogs, you’ll have multiple opportunities to win an ebook copy of Quilting with Curves by interacting with the posts!

See you on the tour!

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Daisy Aschehoug started quilting in 2010 and designing quilts for magazines in 2016. Most of her quilt designs incorporate elements of curved piecing into a modern traditional design aesthetic, and many of her quilt designs have won awards. She works from a quilt studio south of Oslo on Nesodden. Learn more about Daisy and her book at warmfolk.com.