Quilting As-You-Go: Who Knew?

Posted by Lynn Merrill on Aug 10th 2014

quilt as-you-go made modern

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Jera Brandvig’s new book Quilt As-You-Go Made Modern showcases a really unique approach to quilting. Because I am a novice in the quilting world, it’s fun to discover time saving tips and tricks from our expert authors. I was completely unfamiliar with this concept, and I felt it was important to shed some light on what “quilt as-you-go” actually means while choosing a design direction for the cover.

The design team wanted to show a workstation that illustrates some key steps in the quilt as-you-go process. We asked Jera to provide a few quilted blocks that we would show stacked near a sewing machine, but we also needed a block for the sewing machine and a block ready to be cut. Jera was incredibly helpful to put in the extra effort to bring this concept to light!

With this new technique, I might actually try quilting. Wish me luck!