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Urban Scandinavian Sewing eBook

18 Seasonal Projects for Modern Living


Kirstyn Cogan ––    

Simple sewing for the clean, modern aesthetic

Stitch your way to Scandinavian style as you embrace minimal, sleek design. Luxuriate in the textures of summery linens and winter wools as you sew 18 projects, from upscale home decor to wearables. You’ll love the chic yet beginner-friendly stitching and embroidery patterns—the perfect way to embellish ready-mades or to sew from scratch. These projects offer beautiful, functional designs for contemporary living. Designer and author Kirstyn Cogan immerses you in her Nordic culture, with handcrafted modern items to make for your home and family—plus scrumptious-sounding recipes and scintillating tidbits about the regional traditions.

• Charming, urban lifestyle sewing—18 projects, from home decor to wearables
• Sew from scratch or embellish ready-made accessories by hand or machine
• Upscale yet simple-to-stitch designs for all skill levels, using specialty fabrics such as linen, lawn, and wool
• 9 recipes to enhance your Scandinavian experience
• Switch your seasonal home decor with fresh projects for summer and winter    

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ISBN: 978-1-61745-016-7        
(eISBN: 978-1-61745-016-7)