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Stitch 'n Swap eBook

25 Handmade Projects to Sew, Give & Receive

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Compiled by Jake Finch ––

Only available as an eBook

Your how-to resource for the hottest sewing community activity - The Swap!

• 25 inspiring projects to swap; experience the joy of sewing, giving, and receiving beautiful handmade gifts
• Build your skills, try new materials, make new friends, and have lots of fun. (Best of all, get some fabulous stuff!)
• Contributors include Victoria Findlay Wolfe, Sam Hunter, Rose Hughes, Scott Hansen, Tracy Mooney, Melissa Thompson Maher, Kevin Kosbab, Heather Jones, Emily Herrick, Carrie Bloomston, and Jeni Baker

Sew, Give, and Receive. These are the basic tenets of the hottest sewing community activity - The Swap! In this how-to book, the GenQ team gives you ideas for organizing and running your own virtual or in-person swap. To help get you started, the team recruited some crafty friends to share 25 inspiring projects. All the projects can be easily adapted to your taste, style, and skill level. Whether you’re looking to have fun, learn new things, or exchange some fabulous gifts with friends, Stitch ’n Swap is your go-to resource.

Stash Books
116 pages, color, PDF
eISBN: 978-1-60705-850-2