Sew Emoji

Easy Appliqué with Sew Emoji


From Sew Emoji

By Gailen Runge


Class Description:
In this class, beginners and beginning appliquérs will learn how to use fusible appliqué and turned-edge appliqué with lightweight sew-in interfacing. Students can start working on any of the projects in the book; making a bolster pillow would be a great one to choose. Students will learn that great-looking appliqué can be fun and easy.


Class Length:

The class can be a half or full-day class depending on what you decide to teach. Fusible appliqué can be taught in half a day or you can add in turned-edge appliqué with sew-in interfacing for a second half day. Students could probably also finish the bolster in a full day, or you could make it a fun one-and-a-half or two-day class


Class Supply List:

  • Sew Emoji by Gailen Runge
  • Background fabric: 1 3/8 yards total of 1 fabric or 1/2 yard each of 3 fabrics
  • Face fabric: 3/8 yard
  • Fabric scraps for features
  • 90 square inches of fusible web
  • 2/3 yard lightweight sew-in interfacing
  • 20 oz of fiberfill
  • Pencil or erasable fabric marker and thin permanent marker to trace patterns onto fusible paper


Classroom Preparation:

Students will need to trace the patterns and use an iron for the fusible portion of the work. Multiple irons and ironing boards would be great.


Class Agenda:

  1. Introduction to how easy appliqué can be. Introduce Sew Emoji and lightweight sew-in interfacing and fusible web.
  2. Create the emoji face using turned-edge appliqué with interfacing (pp. 11–­15).
  • Make a pattern and trace it on interfacing.
  • Cut out shape.
  • Layer it on fabric.
  • Cut out fabric.
  • Sew shape.
  • Trim everything but interfacing and turn right side out
  • Cut backgrounds.
  • Sew to background.
  • Show different stitches.
  1. Create the emoji features using fusible appliqué (pp. 16–­23).
  • Select your emoji face.
  • Trace features.
  • Cut out features.
  • Stick features to fabric.
  • Cut out fabric features.   
  • Appliqué features to the face background.
  • Sew down if desired.
  1. Show emoji hands options.
  2. Sew backgrounds together to create a bolster (p. 33) or the optional one-block throw pillow (no instructions provided; just follow the bolster instructions with 1 square for the front and 1 for the back).
  3. Stuff and stitch closed!