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  • We Love to Sew - Bedrooms: 23 Projects • Cool Stuff for Your Space by Annabel Wrigley #WeLovetoSewBedrooms
    We Love to Sew Bedrooms
    Annabel Wrigley –– When you make something yourself, it’s really yours Don't you wish you could just snap your fingers and make all the cute bedroom accessories you ever wanted magically appear? We Love...
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  • Opulent Bazaar Coloring Book
    Opulent Bazaar Coloring Book
    Illustrated by Paula Nadelstern, Bethany Pease Sheets, Valori Wells ––55+ intricate designs to color your cares away.Coloring has never been this creative! Get inspired with designs by Paula Nadelstern, Valori...
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  • Stitched Paper Art for Kids by Alison Benyon. #ctpublishing #funstitchstudio #paper #kidsewing #simplesewing #teachkidstosew #StitchedPaperArt
    Stitched Paper Art for Kids
    Ali Benyon –– Paper your way to pretty things! You use paper for a lot of things, like doing homework, writing notes, and drawing. But did you know that you could make something super cute with just paper,...
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