Quilts for Rosie

Paper Piecing Patterns from the '40s


Quilts for Rosie: Paper Piecing Patterns from the '40s

Carolyn Cullinan McCormick ––

Help yourself to some beautiful quilts _ and grab a bit of war-time history, too!

Carolyn McCormick, author of Carolyn's Paper Pieced Garden and Hard Times, Splendid Quilts and inventor of the Add-A-Quarter ruler, creates another stunning paper pieced sampler. Twenty Kansas City Star patterns from the 1940s have been redrafted into 10-inch and 4-inch paper pieced patterns, giving the quilter the choice of a larger quilt or a miniature.

Instructions for projects such as sachets and trinket boxes are also included so the quilter has alternatives for using the blocks. Also included is how quilts were a part of World War II - quilts made by prisoners of war, Service Banners and how the war changed women's roles.

Kansas City Star Quilts
128p color
9 x 11
ISBN: 978-1-93346-652-1
KCSQ SKU: 13923