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Quilt Label Collective CD Volume II

Over 150 New Designs to Customize, Print & Embellish


Various Artists ––

The finishing touch!

This second volume of original illustrations on a CD gives you even more artistic choices for making personalized labels for your quilts or any creative project. Choose from a variety of themes such as birthdays, weddings, new babies, graduations...or use an all-purpose design. Customize your label by hand or on your computer with your choice of lettering and colors, then embellish it even further with paint or embroidery.

• Illustration styles from a wide variety of artists range from contemporary to traditional to vintage
• Handy index files are included for searching by image, theme or artist
• Perfect for printing on to TAP® Transfer Artist Paper
• Electronic file formats can be viewed and/or altered with most photo or graphics software applications


5 x 5 pkg
ISBN: 978-1-60705-640-9
UPC: 734817-201892

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