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15 Quilt Projects for Kids, Family & Home

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Imprint CT Publishing

Emily Cier ––

Only available as an eBook

Pixelate your patchwork...one strip at a time

Piece together fabric strips in a whole new way. Pixelated imagery is part of our pop culture-now quilters can bring it to their family with these cheerful quilt designs using their favorite solid colors. Use this unique style of strip piecing to make pictures of friendly fish, dastardly pirates, and beautiful butterflies much more fun!

• Kids of all ages (and grown-ups too) will love these quilts for the crib, the bed, or just for snuggling
• Easy to strip and sew with handy cutting guides and Kona color charts
• Designs include a fish bowl, flower gardens, a treasure map, and even an aerial view of the town center

84p color PDF
eISBN: 978-1-60705-453-5

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