Nicole Mallalieu

Nicole Mallalieu

Nicole Mallalieu has been sewing obsessively since the age of three. She learned to use a machine at five years old and sold her handmade wares for pocket money soon after.

She has a fashion degree and enjoyed fifteen years in the fashion and craft industries of Australia, England, and Ireland, specializing mostly in handcrafted hats and bags for the boutique market. She began Nicole Mallalieu Design in 2003, designing bag, purse, hat, and garment patterns. In 2011 Nicole Mallalieu Design was rebranded as YOU SEW GIRL!

Nikki has an international reputation for expertise in sewing (particularly in the area of bag making) and in communicating advanced methods, shortcuts, and tricks of the trade in a fun, achievable way. Her background has taught her the fastest methods to make sharp, clean lines and snappy details, and whether through hands-on classes or written instructions, she guides people of all sewing skill levels to achieve professional finishes and satisfying results.

Over the last six years, she’s been an avid craft blogger, and has become popular online in the United States. She lives in Melbourne, Australia.

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