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Maryellen Kim

Maryellen Kim

Maryellen Kim lives in Virginia with her little family. She and her husband, Dave, have a big garden, lots of flowers, three kids, and a very fuzzy cat. Her designs are a reflection of the joys in her life: family and the creative process.

Maryellen's studio is filled with tubes of paint, piles of fabric, bowls of beads, and jars of buttons. A self-proclaimed supply hoarder, Maryellen has never met a craft medium she didn't love. She finds inspiration everywhere and swears she'll someday find a use for that towering pile of magazines!

Her days are spent running Twist Style jewelry design and production studio; managing her brick-and-mortar storefront, Handmade Happiness Boutique; and teaching classes at The Happiness Factory, her open studio space for sharing skills and teaching classes. If she's not hanging out in the studio making stuff, she's probably at home eating chocolate chip cookies and crocheting!

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Facebook: Twist Style by Maryellen Kim
Twitter: @twiststyle
Instagram: twiststyle

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