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Marina Druker

Marina Druker

Marina Druker was born in the beautiful city of St. Petersburg, Russia, in 1975. From a very early age, she visited the great museums, such as the Hermitage and Peterhof, with her mother. There, she especially loved the exhibitions of decorative and applied arts. Now, many years later, she has come to realize how deeply these experiences affected her own art.

She studied physics at the St. Petersburg State Polytechnical University. In 2003, she moved to Israel, where she met wonderful people and found an occupation that became her favorite - creating dolls. Marina began making dolls using a variety of materials. She settled mainly on sculpting dolls with air-hardening modeling material and creating crazy-quilted costumes. Since 2008, she has also created cloth dolls and crazy-quilted soft sculptures. She has exhibited her dolls internationally.

She is also the Israel reporter for the Russian doll magazine Doll Master.

Marina lives in Holon, Israel, with her husband and son. You can see more of her works at her website,

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