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Marilynn Bilyeu

Marilyn Bilyeu

Marilynn began sewing at age five. Before starting her career in real estate, she made most of her own clothing, as well as the clothes for her two daughters. Since retiring, she has relished having the time to delve into the quilting world, taking as many classes as possible and trying just about every new technique available.

Wearable art garments, bags, and especially quilts are among Marilynn's favorite things to create. She loves to plan a quilt from her own stash. She taught her granddaughter to sew at age five, and they have had great fun making four quilts together-so far. Marilynn has a knack for figuring out how to make things an easier way, and once she gets an idea, there's no stopping her. She says that the answers to her dilemmas usually come to her around 4 o'clock in the morning, when she'll jump out of bed and head to the sewing machine to see if the idea really works.

She and her husband, Richard, live on an acreage located between Springfield and Branson, Missouri, where they enjoy the beauty of the hills and trees of the Ozarks. A self-described "terribly addicted fabri-holic," she and Richard love to travel, especially if there are quilt shops along the way.

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